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Locksmith Services in Orange County During Covid-19

As you know Covid hit us without too many warnings, that caused a lot of chaos in the world. What we noticed after the first month as a locksmith company in Orange county CA was a big increase in break-ins to homes, businesses and car thefts. we had a lot of our accounts call in to report having been broken into, we arrived to the locations as fast as we can to secure the door frames and install high security locks on the door mechanism, which made a huge difference because thieves still tried attempting to break in but without any success. as our valued costumers and future new costumers we highly recommend that you consider installing better locks on your home or business, and park your car at a visible spot with lots of light. you can view in this article how high security locks make a huge difference when it comes to trying to pry, pick or drill them open

if you're in need of a locksmith in the surrounding cities of orange county CA, you can call us 24 hours a day with any questions regarding locksmith services. please stay safe during covid.


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