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OC Automotive Locksmith Services

OC Keys and Locksmith Guys technicians work with the newest, up to date computerized equipment to duplicate, cut and program new standard or laser cut keys for you. If your car keys broke, got lost or you need a new key FOB, we can help.
As we are a mobile locksmith company, you do not need to tow the car to us, we will come to you.
We specialize in Keyless, Repair and Install ignition, High Security Car Keys, Trunk lockouts, Vehicle lockout, Rekey Auto door locks, Program transponder keys and much more.

You can still enjoy your triple A (AAA) Auto Club discount. All you need to do is take the receipt we give you to your local Triple A branch to receive some reimbursement based on your membership.

We offer flat prices and free on site estimates, no hidden charges! 

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

As time goes by and our regular use of the keys in the ignition can start wearing the wafers and key down.
We carry most ignition switches/ cylinders in stock and most of the time we can repair your existing ignition cylinder in Orange County CA.
Some ignition designs such as Honda Laser keys, are really bad and without usual maintenance can get stuck or jammed.
Dealers are very expensive and can charge anywhere from 850-1250 to replace your ignition cylinder.
If your key is starting to give you issues , it's a smart idea to call a local locksmith in Orange County such as OC Keys & Locksmith Guys, since we're located in Orange we can arrive to your location fairly quick and repair or replace your ignition cylinder

High Security Vehicles

Most newer cars come with laser cut car keys or others call it high security car keys.
Car manufacturers came up with this idea in order to make the car locks harder to decode and pick.
It requires special car key cutting machines in order to cut or duplicate these specific automotive keys.
Most locksmiths in Orange County don't carry these machines because they're harder to operate and cost a lot of money.
At Orange County Keys and Locksmith Guys, we specialize in residential, commercial and automotive keys as well.
We also specialize in making keys for cars that other locksmiths are scared to work on such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Fiat and Volkswagen.
When searching for locksmith near me, make sure you find a locksmith that's near you.


Repair & Replace All Auto Locks

A door lock cylinder has a fairly simple mechanism, however to that same lock mechanism are attached a few rods that have different functions such as lock and unlock the doors, some have a function that if you unlock twice with the key it will roll down the window or unlock the rest of the doors in your car.
when that entire mechanism gets old, it will put more pressure on the door lock cylinder, key and rods.
At that point the key may break, the plastic piece that holds the rods might snap, or the door lock cylinder tail piece will break.
OC Keys  & Locksmith Guys replaces and repairs most manufacturers door cylinders.
So if your car door cylinder broke, giving you issues or your key to your car broke, give us a call.

Transponder Chip Keys

Whats a transponder key?
A transponder key is a chipped key for your vehicle.
meaning the chip inside that key has to communicate with your cars antenna in order for it start the vehicle.
Some cars such as older Chevy car keys, Honda car keys, Ford car keys, Subaru car keys, and a few other manufactures did not have chipped keys, so it made the cars a lot easier to steal.
chipped keys are more expensive to replace, however it gives you a lot more security against car thefts.
OC Keys & Locksmith Guys are experts at Automotive car key replacements and with state of the art equipment we can cut, program and even do re-flashes and EEPROM.



Repair & Replace Lost/Stolen Keys

Everyone hates losing keys or misplacing their car keys.
OC Keys and Locksmith Guys makes that experience a walk in the park for you, we are a locksmith company in Orange County near you, so we arrive really quick, our prices are really competitive and instead of you spending money to tow your car to the dealer and wait all day for a car key.
We make car keys for cheaper and quicker, don't forget that our repeat costumers don't get charged a service call fee to come out again in the future.
We hope you never lose your car key, but if you do, don't hesitate to call your favorite local locksmith in Orange County.

Emergency Trunk Opening

At OC Keys & Locksmith Guys we receive a lot of calls of "I locked my keys in the trunk and i can't get it open..."
A lot of car manufactures design the trunk to act as a safe, if women go out and want to keep their purse in the trunk, the trunk will only open if the ignition is turned on, that way if a thief broke the window and tried opening the trunk it wont open.
So again it's a good way of securing your goods, however sometimes it makes it hard to unlock that trunk with out the key.
we're a professional Locksmith company in OC and we're fully licensed and insured.
We have ways of opening your trunk before routing to making a key for your car.


Key Extraction

As the years go by, our metal keys wear down or the wafers inside the car's ignition cylinder switch will get stuck and as we try and open the car door, or turn the car on, the key breaks off.
If the key broke off and both pieces of the car key are in your hand that's good.

Sometimes that's not the case and half of your car key breaks inside the door lock or ignition switch, at OC Keys & Locksmith Guys our technicians are trained to solve and extract broken car keys from your car door or ignition cylinder.
If your car key breaks and you need help with extracting your key, give us a call!

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