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Orange County Keys & Locksmith Guys

2709 Westminster Ave Unit A

Santa Ana, CA 92706

Tel: (949)232-1993   LCO 5925

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OC Residential Locksmith Services

There is nothing more crucial and important than having a functional security in your home.

Providing a secured system for your home at an affordable price makes OC Keys & Locksmith Guys the vendor of choice for your in home protection residential services. 

Our professional technicians are trained in all aspects of installation, service and repair and will ensure that your experience with our locksmith company leaves you with 100% satisfaction. 

From lockouts, Lock change and repair, High security lock installation, Garage door lock repair or installed, Lock Rekeying, Safes, Intercom system installation/repair, Master Key System, CCTV Surveillance Installation, Key Cutting and many more, we are here for all of your locksmith needs all year around!

95% of break-ins require some amount of force so cheaper locks and windows are targeted.  That is why we recommand the exterior locks on your doors have good locks on them. Don't make it easy for the burglar break in your home!

We offer flat prices and free on site estimates, no hidden charges! 

House Lockout

Garage Locks

Locks Change/Repair

Rekey/ Master key

Duplicate Keys

Non-Destructive Entry

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

OC keys & Locksmith is pleased to provide the following additional residential services:

Total Home Security

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Custom Surveillance Systems

Screen & Garage Door Locks