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Commercial Pushbar installation Orange County, CA

Panic Bars / Push Bars / Crash Bars are special locks that were designed to help in situations where a crowed needs to evacuate the building and is operated through the push of a bar or rail. Sadly The names Crash Bar / Panic Bar derived from the horrific times where large crowds panicked and got pushed on to the doors and crushed to death while others pushed and stompped them. More than 600 people died 1903 in a theater in chicago due to the gates blocking the exits. This is just 1 of many horrific accidents where people lost lives due to being stock inside a burning structure. Some counties or states have different laws on who must have a panic bar installed on their business.

fire doors inside the building are required to have a fire rated push bar installed and not just a regular push bar, that way during a fire the latch will still operate. Fire rated push bars must have a label of 20, 45, 60, 90 or 3 hours. There are a lot more laws and regulations on these push bars, so you can check with your county which is needed to be used for your business. Our Certified technicians at OC Keys & Locksmith Guys are professional and trained to install different types of push bars based on the laws and requirements. Serving many businesses in Orange County CA, we can help in the installation of your exit device. Ive attached pictures of some push bars that we've installed, so almost every door out there can have them installed. We can also install high security locks on them for extra security during this Covid-19 Pandemic

panic bar installation orange county ca
old lock before installaing panic bar


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