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Benefits of High Security Lock

I think when moving into a new house, we get too excited and put a lot of time and effort into choosing what color to paint the living room or what new dining room table they should get so it matches their couch or what painting to purchase to hang in the entrance but not a lot of time is put into what lock should be installed on your front door. Our main concern is our customers security and we will always recommend they install a high security lock (we carry them or you can purchase them online and we can install it for you).

High security locks' main goal is not to be undefeatable, but instead to make defeat time consuming or expensive and in that case not worth their time and risk. By them realizing your lock is a high security one, they will move to the next "victim".

If you are home and you hear a loud noise of someone trying to break in, you will have time to act by calling police and hiding.

Of course having an alarm helps but we got used to alarms going off for a minute or two thinking your neighbors forgot the code and won't call 911 immediately but if they see someone kicking your door or breaking a window, they will know that is bad news and will call 911 right away.

There have been thousands of cases of break-ins that were reported only a few days after they happened. How can that even happen? when you have a lock that is easy to break into, the intruder can pick on the lock, enter your home, steal items and lock up once he leaves the house. You won't be able to know someone was there.

Since high security locks are pick proof, bump proof and can't be tampered with, an intruder will have to drill the lock with a heavy duty drill or cut it off with a torch which will leave obvious signs the lock had been penetrated.

Another plus- high security locks require a security card by presented when you want to duplicate keys. Make sure card is in a safe place, don't lose the card.

High security locks are not cheap but we truly recommend installing strong, heavy duty locks for exterior doors. Your security is the most important.

High Security Locks Are Pick-Proof

High Security Locks Are Bump- Proof

High-Security Locks Offer Key Control

Manipulation Resistance

Destructive/Forced Entry Resistance

High Manufacturing Tolerances

Key Differs

Key Control

Restrictive Key ways

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