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Tips on how to maintain your door lock

Installing new locks on your door can get pricey. That is why its best to learn how to maintain your door locks so you can get "more" years of usage out of them. Consider the following tips:

* Graphite powder can be a problem, don't rely on them. If you put it in a keyhole, it can jam up the inner workings (experienced locksmiths may use graphite powder in certain circumstances).

* Keep locks and door mechanisms from sticking. Everyday use and accumulation of dirt can cause door locks to open harder and even freeze up. A simple solution is to carefully apply a spray lubricant directly to the lock. Make sure that you select high quality lubricants for your locks which will hold onto the locks for a longer period of time.

* We recommend to clean your locks frequently, especially your front door lock. Oils, grime and dirt can build up on door handles, locks and deadbolts, especially when they’re used every day. Regularly wipe down affected surfaces with mild soap and water and dry with a soft cloth (this will help keep the dirt and acids from your hands from corroding the surfaces).

* It’s common for frequently used locks to get scratched around their keyholes and face plates. There’s really no way to avoid this, you just have to be careful whenever you put your key into a lock.

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