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File Cabinet Locks

File Cabinet Locks are a necessity in the office as it keeps the office or work area organized and clean.

We often get calls with general questions as to what file cabinet locks we recommend. There are so many different locks and they are priced differently so our recommendation is if you have a file cabinet with very important documents, we would recommend the high security locks (as we would for your entry points to your house).

No one "intentionally" wants to lose their keys but with file cabinet keys, its important that you are a bit more responsible as to where you put them as most of them are sealed lock systems which means we can not rekey them, we would need to change the lock completely. Sometimes file cabinet locks use a universal key blank so we can rekey the locks but sometimes they have a unique key blank that don't exist or it will be cheaper to change the lock completely.

Either email the location as to where you hid the keys to yourself or share it with your parents/sibling/best friend or a work associate you trust.

There are a lot of different file cabinet styles and locks, some are one drawer and some are multiple drawers. Some are fire rated and some are not, some high security or standard security. A lot of times if it’s a multiple drawer cabinet and people start stacking too much weight on it, the rails can get bent and it makes locking and unlocking the drawers a lot more difficult. In this picture the tail piece snapped and caused the entire cylinder to break. At this point it makes it even harder to get the cabinet open. Our tip: Don’t over stack the drawers and make sure the rails have oil or grease on them.

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