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What does rekeying your locks mean?

We receive many calls from customers who would like to change their house locks. When buying a new home or having construction done on your property, multiple people will have the keys to your home. From your real estate agent to construction workers, you want to make sure the only one having your house keys is you and your family.

When calling some locksmith companies, they will always try to change your locks as they will have a bigger profit, but you might have great locks on your door that you only need to rekey. When our technician arrives at your location, he will determine whether you simply need to rekey your locks or they really need to be replaced. We do recommend to replace the locks on your door, if they are no longer secured (old) or if you have cheap locks on your door that anyone can break into your residence within minutes.

What we mean when we say "rekeying a lock", the locksmith removes the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a new and different key.

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