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Saving you money by having a spare key

Losing your home key can get very expensive. If you left your house for work, vacation or just a day of errands and when you get home you realize your key isn't with you, what should you do next? We would first recommend you call the places you have visited, as you might have left it there. If you still can't find the key, you would need to call a locksmith to open your door.

Once you got into your house, the next step is thinking if you would like to rekey your house as some customers don't feel comfortable having their keys "floating around", they would ask us to rekey their whole house. That can get pricey but we also understand the need to do so. You don't know where you left your keys and who might have access to them.

What we would recommend? If you have a trustworthy friend or family near by, I would leave an extra key with them or better yet, in a hidden place in your car.

If you left a key with someone, it'll be cheaper for you to take a taxi, uber, lyft or any other transportation services to pick up your key from them.

Also, if you get home very late, it's harder finding a locksmith that will give you a fair rate as getting a locksmith technician out at 2am would cost you more than getting one at 10am.

If you lost your keys at the beach, amusement park or a completely different state, we wouldn't recommend you rekey your house as no one will know who the keys belong to. But if you think you left your keys at the nail salon, mall or a store that you frequently visit, we might recommend you rekey your locks. Rekeying can get pricy.

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